Saturday, September 20, 2014

The right result

Common sense prevailed in the Scottish Independence referendum, the whole show was well managed and record number of voters showed what can be done if the subject matter is worth while. The YES vote numbers proved the feeling of Scotland being badly run from Westminster and if nothing else, it has stirred up what most of the rest of the UK feel about the status quo of the 3 main parties and their quest to hold on to a good earner (for them). After all this has settled down, there will be a lot of MP’s taking note of the discontent of the whole country. Things have got to change for the better, and this in my mind is a wake up call.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Scottish Independence

With only a couple of days before the Scots vote for Independence or not as the case may be, I just wonder if the voters have considered all the facts, especially the ones that are still unanswered, currency, economics, membership of the EU, which is not guaranteed and may take 5 years to resolve. I personally am not in favour of a break with the UK which if decided to go down that route will of course have real disruption to so many things that were taken for granted. It is a course of no return and I hope that sanity will prevail over this move. Even before I left Scotland in 1971 there was the SNP with their pipe dreams of national identity, something that was never in doubt anyway as most Scots always had a keen sense of this and still do. I hate to think what lies ahead if there is a Yes vote, but as many have said, it is up to the people of Scotland and the old saying “ better the devil you know “ springs to mind here. I just hope Salmond and Sturgeon know what they have started and not live to regret it all.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hedge trimming

trimmerLast week I started trimming the conifer hedge which runs the length of my property using a pair of hand shears, got a bit done and am finding it a bit laborious and sore on the arms these days. Off to B & Q to look at trimmers, found the one I wanted with a two year guarantee, guess what they were out of stock. Back home and ordered one on line with a next day delivery charge of £5. This morning their promise was good, and took delivery of a Bosch Mains trimmer. Read the instructions this time and off I went with 3/4 of the hedge remaining. What a lovely job it made and in a lot less time too, just wish I had bought one years back. Trimmer cleaned and WD 40 applied, back in the box till next year, job done.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Doing a bit of hoovering or vacuuming being the correct term the other day, and as our carpet is constantly being dotted with thread etc., from my wife’s quilting hobby, it was noticeable that threads and the likes were not being sucked up. Took the machine to bits and found the drive belt had slipped off the motor spindle. On closer inspection the belt was well stretched and loose. Managed to get a new belt down town and fitted it successfully. After an hour trying to reassemble the machine and having troubles closing the body panels, it dawned on me the I had failed to take note of the way I had removed the brush roller fitting. However eventually it came to me and the hoover finally all fitted back nicely and tested out, job done. Note to self, must pay more attention when dismantling things.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Website

lightningsinfobannerHave just designed a new website which is a one stop shop, database,maps and photo albums. The site is basically a base where lots of material is held in one place. For anyone enthusiastic about the English Electric Lightning, this is the site to visit. Click here to visit

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bathroom revamp

It would appear that our bathroom needs a revamp to something more modern. Mind you the suite colour is out-dated by a long way, no not avocado which we had in one house, but a pinkish hue. The new suite will be white for sure. The loo and washbasin to match will be enclosed in cabinets along the length of the wall and we need a new shower, the old electric one has been OK but getting old, something like myself. A new shower we intend to have will be plumbed in to use the combi boiler water supply.

A suspended ceiling is on the cards with LED down lighters, which will look superb when fitted and lastly the old radiator removed, and a large heated towel rail fitted in its place. Almost forgot all the tiling replaced, and a solid tiled floor laid. Question, what do you do when it all kicks off, and you need the loo?

Friday, August 1, 2014

Garage Door

teaserbox_2440018641On Monday, one of the cables in my up and over garage doors snapped, the main spring under tension previously, recoiled and one end shot out and over the outside of the door. Good old eBay and ordered a couple of new cables, still apparently being made. The cables arrived today and after some heavy pulling to pre tension the spring, managed to get the job done. Not an easy job, but following the instructions that came with the cables helped.