Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another Tyre problem

Checked the car tyre pressures yesterday and the drivers front tyre was very low, had a look round and sure enough, a nail head bright and shiny embedded there. This is the second nail puncture in a few months and no idea how or where this happened. Up to Mr Tyre in Louth this afternoon, half an hour and all fixed for £19 including new valve and balancing done. Would recommend them to anyone.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


finished modelMy next project is to build a Diorama to show off my two model Lightnings. Have just ordered some acrylic sheet to make a cabinet to show them off and also keep the dust off. Now have to think of a good background for it, and draw up a plan for building it, so probably another trip to Louth Building Supplies to get some wood for the frame. A good project now that the cooler weather is on its way.

Annual Blood test

Up at 7 this morning, to visit the doctors and have a blood test, got there at 7.40, doors open at 8 and was second in the queue, so only a 5 minute wait before my turn. Done and dusted and back by 8.15.

Just waiting on the gas boiler engineer to turn up now, 11 to 2 appointment, he wont have much to do, as I got fed up waiting for 4 days and sorted the problem myself. Guess he can just check it out while he is here in case anything else is found, but doubt it. Problem down to bad engineering practise in the first place.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Central Heating Boiler failure

Friday evening, and filling the bath, where hot water soon turned cold pointed to a problem with the boiler. On investigation it was apparent the gas was not igniting, although all the other boiler functions were normal. Phoned up Homeserve who we have a maintenance contract with and they took all the details and would ring back on Saturday to arrange an appointment for an engineer to call and sort the problem. My wife took the call on Saturday whilst I was away playing Lightnings and they arranged an appointment for Tuesday this week. 4 full days without heating or hot water was not something I thought acceptable, so intended calling them back on Sunday to ask what kind of servicing I was paying for and why so long to call.
Got back on Saturday evening after a nice day out with the Lightning guys, it was getting a bit chilly, so thought, get the boiler book out, check the fault chart and see if I could locate the problem, this paid off, the fault suggested that an air pressure switch could be at fault, this had all the symptoms of what was causing the gas shut off problem. So off with the boiler covers, located the air pressure switch, checked the neoprene connecting hose connection and found whoever had pushed this hose back on to a connection, had split the hose which is a push fit, by now was nearly falling off. Snipped of the split hose portion, connected it back up properly, refitted the boiler covers, hey presto gas igniting, water heating, job done. Am over the moon at how simple this job was, although not impressed with the engineer who had made the bad connection at some point in routine servicing.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Lightning Anti-det ground runs

Tomorrow, heading up to Bruntingthorpe Airfield to do anti-det runs on Lightning XS904, these runs are essential to keep all the systems lubricated and check for malfunctions. Intend to get some interior shots taken during the visit, folks are showing an interest in what is inside a Lightning, so looks like a busy day, hope the weather plays ball.

Had a nice day out, weather although windy was pleasant and made it easier to take the jet out for a ground run. Have been having some issues with the No2 starter system, an this caused a few headaches, resulting in not being able to start this one, so further maintenance required over the winter months to get her ready for the next event in May 2016. However the No1 engine run was successfully  and performed well, doing a couple of reheat selections as part of the schedule, there was another aviation group in attendance and they appreciated seeing a Lightning doing what only a Lightning can do. Proof that Anti-det runs are essential in keeping the jets as serviceable as possible.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Getting old

Today I took possession of my new photo card over 70's driving license. All done on line and took a week which is very speedy. I had to hand in my old paper license which I have had since 1982, mind you there was still a speeding fine inclusion on it from years back.