Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hearing loss

Some month or so back, I started getting hearing loss in one ear, did the usual stuff like ear drops, but this did not solve the problem. Arranged an appointment at the doctors for this morning 7.30am, saw the nurse who had a good look at the ear and decided that it could do with a clean out. Ear syringed on the second application did the trick and was declared flushed out. Hopefully all should now be fine and I can listen to my music in stereo now. Was advised if still having problems to use a steam inhalation session to clear out the sinuses etc., I hate getting old, so many things that crop up and have to be dealt with.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


A few days back, after much thought, I opened up a forum on my website, the purpose to let old pals get together since the demise of many a ex military forums. I had not used much of my allotted web space and thought make the most of what I am paying for. Early days yet, but a good few pals decided to join and hopefully will continue to post. Nothing lost if the project falls through. Until I see if the uptake has been worth it, will restrict attachment posting and if successful will buy some more web space to allow more photos etc.

Monday, August 3, 2015

A very quiet two weeks

IMG_0031As I mentioned earlier, my wife and sister have been holidaying in Italy, more like the grand tour it would seem. They fly back home tonight, landing in UK very late, followed by a long drive home in the early hours. They have a days rest and then it is off to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham till Sunday. I have been keeping busy making silver charms (name letters) from old silver sixpence coins, perfecting my hand drawn letters by using inkjet vinyl print outs of the letters which is working brilliantly and so much neater. Have made myself a new bench pin out of a large hinge with bolts and wingnuts, this is a much easier method to hold the small coins whilst using a jewellers saw.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Canadian Visitor

Last Thursday my sister Nancy arrived from Canada, she is here for a month. a week here, two weeks holiday with my wife to Italy, back for a week of which 3 of the days will be in Birmingham at the Quilt festival, did I mention my wife and sister are mad quilters. I have been catching up with some jobs myself, today just removed an old drain cover which had rusted through, removed the cement surround, laid the new cover and cemented the frame down, it started to rain half way through the job, so had to get some bits of wood to cover the job up. Appears to have just been a shower, but was not forecast of course.

My left ear appears to be blocked up, so tomorrow off to get some ear drops to see if that will shift things, if not it will be an ear syringe which I have had done before, but not to keen on it. What to do tomorrow?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weekend trip up to Dundee

It was my brothers 60th birthday occasion, was going to go up by car, but my wife had a Patchworkers function over the weekend, so my daughter and son in law wanted to go, so managed to get there. Nice time had by all with my son and daughter in law also attending in their car on the Saturday. Long way to go for a weekend, but enjoyed it. Spent Saturday morning shopping for delicasies to take back home, such as Jock Pies, Bridies, sausages, white puddings and Mothers Pride plain bread. makes great toast. We travelled up via Jedburgh and through Edinburgh the return journey down the coast road via Berwick the A1 just for a change.

Model updates

Found some metal pitot heads for my Lightnings and Buccaneer, very small 0.5mm holes required to fit them, so have got some of the drill bits now. Managed to fit the Buccaneer probe so far, but the plastic part was so small I had to cut the plastic with a scalpel and superglue the probe, finished off with some model putty to build up the plastic holder, but looks really good. Will leave the Lightning ones till later. Progress on the Bucc is coming along nicely now, most parts assembled and need some filler adding, due to the poor fit of the kit parts. My local model shop closed last November, so have had to order a couple of Humbrol paint pots from EBay by which time I should be ready to start painting the fuselage. The cold weather is allowing me to progress quicker than I thought.

Rather than make it difficult for myself, I made up a couple of wooden stands "V" shape recesses covered with felt, to hold the model while painting, saves any damage to the wings and tailplane and a much more stable way of supporting the model. Just waiting on some humbrol enamels to arrive now.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Oh! No

Yesterday whilst moving my 2 Model Lightnings to a display cabinet, I managed to snap a pitot probe in half to my horror.  Have sourced a metal version of the probe and ordered 2 plus a Buccaneer probe and fuel probe from Hannants the model shop. I was going to leave building the Buccaneer till alter, but if the weather remains as cold as it is today, I may make a start.