Sunday, November 23, 2014

Unexpected visit

Yesterday went to Bruntingthorpe to see if we could help with some winter maintenance of the Lightnings. One of the kites has been suffering start problems and requires the Avpin starter atomiser head removal for cleaning and further investigation. The head was removed a week or so back, and is being cleaned.

Fuel leak needed investigating, so a few panels on the ventral tank were removed. Monitoring will take place over a period, as no apparent leak was traced. As usual it was great to catch up with a few of the team and have a good old chat. All too soon, it was time to head home.

Friday, November 14, 2014


Just updated iTunes today and it made a right pigs ear of it, left with a message that it did not install correctly, and to reinstall. After several attempts, got error messages.

Frustrated, looked up the errors on Google and eventually found a solution. For those who have the same problem, open up the download Icon in winrar and double click the iTunes support msi, install or repair and this sorted out the problem.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Model Display cabinet progress

Made a start on my display cabinet this morning by cutting a sheet of clear acrylic to size. I am just fitting the front of the cabinet with the acrylic. The sheet was easy to cut using a fine toothed tenon saw, tidied up the edges afterwards. I will have to fit the sheet to a wooden frame which I have yet to source. The cabinet will be 2foot wide, 18 inches high and a depth of 18 inches. This size will allow for 3 model aircraft 1/48 scale of which I have two built to date.

Manhole cover

A few years back I replaced two manhole covers outside my property successfully and on inspecting another one in my front garden, found the metal cover has almost disintegrated. At the moment I have a slab of york stone covering it up. which will prevent anyone from standing on it. Closer inspection shows the concrete framework supporting the cover has cracked and falling apart. Have ordered a new drain cover which will have to be fitted along with new concrete surround next year when the weather gets better. Perhaps shoddy workmanship is to blame when the original manhole was fitted.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Model aircraft Display

Have just taken delivery of clear acrylic sheet to build myself a display cabinet to house my Lightning models. Now will have to set about a design for the cabinet. The reason behind this project is to protect my models from dust and save having to keep cleaning them. At present my models are sitting on a book shelf and with not enough room for what I want. Intend making a diorama of a flight line with suitable backdrop and enough room to take a further model which will be my next project, So it is off to the drawing board for now. Finished size to be 2ft x 1 1/2 ft x 1 ft. with a wooden base and sides, with the front and top framed with acrylic. I may add small LED lights to it when finished. Should keep me from being bored for the next month or so.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat

It is that time of year again, the dreaded trick or treat USA import. What ever happened to guising, where our parents would accompany us round a few of the neighbours houses where the kids would get some sweets or some fruit to take home? Afterwards we would go home, dooking for apples with a fork between the teeth trying to spear an apple, trying to eat toffee apples hung from strings without the use of hands, that was the fun bit. Luckily enough it is a few years since we had kids at the door, hope it continues.

No visitors this year either, very few kids around here these days.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another Tyre problem

Checked the car tyre pressures yesterday and the drivers front tyre was very low, had a look round and sure enough, a nail head bright and shiny embedded there. This is the second nail puncture in a few months and no idea how or where this happened. Up to Mr Tyre in Louth this afternoon, half an hour and all fixed for £19 including new valve and balancing done. Would recommend them to anyone.