Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Time for a new printer

ip4300Over the last few months my Canon Pixma 4300 has had difficulty printing Cyan, have used head cleaning fluid and also soaked the head overnight in hot water but to no avail, it refuses to print Cyan. This is the second print head that had failed and due to the cost of a replacement head has become uneconomical. Unfortunately I still have quite a few ink cartridges to use up, so in the meantime I can print anything that does not have blue in it.

Looking at a replacement is proving difficult due to the fact that all the new printers will not print any paper of 106gms or more, let alone card, so will have to look for something that does. I bought my wife a Canon MG5550 all in one printer for Christmas, and when trying to print card found it jammed after a few prints, which prompted me to look at the paper spec, and of course this was not capable of doing the job. I will likely opt for a printer of the same spec, and have to do with thin card in future, unless I find something more suitable at a reasonable price. Bearing in mind that the Pixma 4300 was quite an expensive printer and also capable of printing heavy card and also printing CD’s. Onwards and upwards as they say.

Friday, April 3, 2015


770237-800Well the weather has been changeable over the last week or so, but have managed to weed the front garden and tidy up old vegetation from the winter, looking pretty good for now. A start to the back garden will follow when the weather allows, but today it is raining, so nothing will be done. In the front garden, one of the manhole covers and surrounding concrete frame has deteriorated badly and needs replacing. Some time ago I ordered a new manhole cover and it awaits the warmer weather for a start to be made on this project. It will be the third manhole cover to be replaced since I moved in to this property. Concreting is something I like doing so no problem, just need to clear out the old stuff, build a wooden frame and fit the new cover. Roll on the good weather.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Made a start on this years gardening

Now that I have finished the hallway it was time to get out in the garden to clear up the winter debris that has been left. Had a couple of good dry days this week, and have managed to clear up most of the front garden which is looking good with all the spring bulbs making a nice display of colour. Another few good days should see the front finished for now, and then it will be out the back, which is needing a lot more work done. The weeds have grown with a vengeance, due to the mild winter no doubt. Large pots of spring bulbs are still blooming out back, very colourful.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

After the new bathroom

Comes the revamped hallway, out goes the old tatty carpet and laminate flooring fitted. Got the right tools to do the job this time, a brilliant oscillating multitool for undercutting the architrave round 5 doorways. The old skirting boards were removed and new fancy stuff fitted, looks pretty good. New paint already to finish the walls now and job done. I won’t be doing laminate flooring in a hallway for some time, but am pleased with the result. A new light fitting is now being looked for to complete the job.

After a weeks rest, it will be time for a new project, this time a much easier one, my son has bought me a reel of LED miniature strips to replace the old cabinet lighting in my wall unit, this should be an easier task, no woodcutting required.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Central heating

Had to call out the service team to look at the boiler, the hot water system started playing up, where when turning on the hot taps, the gas would not light for ages, and kept cutting out. Engineer arrived this morning, checked out the gas supply pressure etc and after a few minutes traced the fault to the air pressure switch neoprene tubing which had split, he cut off the offending bit and reconnected it, hey presto constant hot water as it should be. Funnily enough I did the same thing on the opposite end of the tubing a few months back to cure a similar problem. Bad news is that the company Homeserve have decided to discontinue servicing this type of boiler due to its age and will be notifying me by letter that they will cease to insure the boiler soon. Looks like I will be stumping up for a new boiler soon. This boiler has lasted a good 12 years so is probably due for a replacement modern one.

Friday, February 20, 2015

New bathroom

Our new bathroom is complete now and a lovely job too. Just a bit of tidying up to do with the doors requiring painting and new handles etc need replacing. Then it is on to the hall, my wife has got some laminate flooring to replace the old carpet, so a good bit of work to come. Not looking forward to fitting the planks round 5 door frames, and will be replacing the skirting as well. It never stops, always something to do.

Anti-Det runs

Tomorrow I am heading up to Bruntingthorpe with my mate Pete. XS904 is due an anti-det run and also to check out the No2 Start system. Hoping for a nice day, although light rain is forecast. hopefully not sufficient to stop the proceedings. After the engineers have sorted out the faulty starter components and a dry run a few weeks back, it all looks good to go, so fingers crossed. The day is set for a night shoot afterwards and the rain is due to go off at 5 ish, so everyone should have a good day.