Sunday, May 10, 2015


11187142_10152826667341517_8504134985157029760_oBack at Bruntingthorpe airfield and the LPG yesterday, after weeks of removing the No2 engine from XR728 and the subsequent fitting of our nil hour engine bought from Canada, there were a few final connections to do and prepare the jet for her engine run. Final safety checks carried out, and the aircraft was towed out for a cautious engine run of an unknown expectation of would she start, if so what to expect if things did not go as planned. In the event she started up first attempt and proceeded to burn off the remaining inhibiting fluid which remained in the engine. Particular attention was paid to leak checks, overheating and a whole host of other essential checks. As it transpired the engine behave remarkably well and was throttled up gradually to 80% with no problems at all. So it was that the team involved were elated at the results and smiles all round on such a great engineering achievement. Next week will see her carry on with another ground run to maximum power with reheat selected and if this all goes to plan, XR728 will take pride of place at the Cold war jets open day at the end of the month. The photo of a very happy bunch of people who were there for the occasion was taken by Neil Hutchinson.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Another day out playing with Lightnings

22421_10152803546026517_7128041582791852901_nWas up at Bruntingthorpe yesterday to help fit a zero hour Avon engine purchased fro Canada as a spare. Great bunch of lads working away as usual and we managed to get the engine fitted as a number two in XR728 after her original engine of 30 years decided to take on a fuel leak which required its removal. A month back we were up at the base, preparing the old engine for removal, which was carried out by other members of the team a few weeks back. The engine fit went well with no problems encountered and now requires all the pipeline and hydraulic components to be fitted and secured, also the inter pipe and reheat pipe need refitting before the ground run attempts begin in a few weeks time. Hopefully all will go well and the jet will make the deadline of the May bank holiday open day, otherwise there will be no Lightning's running at this event, the other jet awaiting a newly manufactured brake cable, so fingers crossed. The photo taken by Neil Hutchinson who came up to visit during the engine change.

Monday, April 20, 2015


 ae235Was asked to help my daughter sort out her lounge and hallway after flood damage earlier this year, a new floor has been laid in each area and needed new skirting boards fitting. 7 inch high skirting and all the mitres were external ones of course. Borrowed my sons electric mitre saw, but it was just an inch short of managing this height. Long story short, went and bought a sliding mitre saw to do the job and now own a new tool, which is brilliant and did the job well. Took a bit of time to work out the angles to cut, but eventually got the hang of it. All the skirting is cut and just two pieces to fix to the wall now. Lots of filling to do and when painted up, should look OK.

Have just bought a dust bag to fit the machine so less mess to clean up. 22/4/2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Time for a new printer

ip4300Over the last few months my Canon Pixma 4300 has had difficulty printing Cyan, have used head cleaning fluid and also soaked the head overnight in hot water but to no avail, it refuses to print Cyan. This is the second print head that had failed and due to the cost of a replacement head has become uneconomical. Unfortunately I still have quite a few ink cartridges to use up, so in the meantime I can print anything that does not have blue in it.
Looking at a replacement is proving difficult due to the fact that all the new printers will not print any paper of 106gms or more, let alone card, so will have to look for something that does. I bought my wife a Canon MG5550 all in one printer for Christmas, and when trying to print card found it jammed after a few prints, which prompted me to look at the paper spec, and of course this was not capable of doing the job. I will likely opt for a printer of the same spec, and have to do with thin card in future, unless I find something more suitable at a reasonable price. Bearing in mind that the Pixma 4300 was quite an expensive printer and also capable of printing heavy card and also printing CD’s. Onwards and upwards as they say.

Update. After all the cleaning the Cyan ink has started to flow again and working fine. Hopefully will last for a while, and save me having to get a new printer. Still have loads of ink for this printer as well.

Friday, April 3, 2015


770237-800Well the weather has been changeable over the last week or so, but have managed to weed the front garden and tidy up old vegetation from the winter, looking pretty good for now. A start to the back garden will follow when the weather allows, but today it is raining, so nothing will be done. In the front garden, one of the manhole covers and surrounding concrete frame has deteriorated badly and needs replacing. Some time ago I ordered a new manhole cover and it awaits the warmer weather for a start to be made on this project. It will be the third manhole cover to be replaced since I moved in to this property. Concreting is something I like doing so no problem, just need to clear out the old stuff, build a wooden frame and fit the new cover. Roll on the good weather.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Made a start on this years gardening

Now that I have finished the hallway it was time to get out in the garden to clear up the winter debris that has been left. Had a couple of good dry days this week, and have managed to clear up most of the front garden which is looking good with all the spring bulbs making a nice display of colour. Another few good days should see the front finished for now, and then it will be out the back, which is needing a lot more work done. The weeds have grown with a vengeance, due to the mild winter no doubt. Large pots of spring bulbs are still blooming out back, very colourful.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

After the new bathroom

Comes the revamped hallway, out goes the old tatty carpet and laminate flooring fitted. Got the right tools to do the job this time, a brilliant oscillating multitool for undercutting the architrave round 5 doorways. The old skirting boards were removed and new fancy stuff fitted, looks pretty good. New paint already to finish the walls now and job done. I won’t be doing laminate flooring in a hallway for some time, but am pleased with the result. A new light fitting is now being looked for to complete the job.

After a weeks rest, it will be time for a new project, this time a much easier one, my son has bought me a reel of LED miniature strips to replace the old cabinet lighting in my wall unit, this should be an easier task, no woodcutting required.